About Clear Marble

We believe that technology causes too many people too much stress. Our philosophy is that technology should empower you and make your life easier. If it doesn’t, then something’s gone wrong and it’s not your fault. We try to help put technology concerns in perspective. These tools are important, but they shouldn’t run your life.

We like to keep things clean, fresh and simple. We don’t like to obfuscate what we do with complex tech-language. We don’t talk to you in all acronyms (no offense to acronym lovers). We also don’t discriminate by platform. We don’t care whether you use Windows, OS X, Linux, Android or iOS. They’re all good systems. All that matters is that what you use is suited to you.

We know too often people self-recriminate when they’re stumped with a computer problem, or just don’t know where to start when looking for a specific result. We think that’s crazy! Hardware fails and software is so ethereal…it’s no wonder people get lost and confused. We can break things down in ways even the least technically inclined individual can understand.

In short, Clear Marble wants to bring light to your digital darkness. We strive to make your interaction with technology simpler, replace confusion with clarity and reduce techno-stress. We apply this philosophy to our designs and bring this attitude when addressing the needs of our clients. We also feel computers can, and should be fun. Get in contact with us and see how we can help you. And for free advice, technology news and recommendations, tools, tips and tricks and technological fun, check out our blog!